As we continue our fight against COVID-19, our agency has updated our procedures to align with the current guidelines from the CDC and our regulatory agencies.  We encourage unvaccinated individuals and staff to please reconsider as we offer various vaccination options.  Please contact the home’s manager if you are a guardian considering vaccination for your individual.  We are happy to help answer any of your questions and schedule the life-saving vaccination.

Visits with individuals are permissible in the homes for visitors who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and not sick when visiting.  Please contact the home’s manager or administrator to schedule your visit.

A screening questionnaire and temperature will be taken upon arrival and you will be provided with a mask, if you do not have one.  To ensure safety of other individuals and staff we do ask you clean your hands before and after the visit, refrain from contact (hugs, handshakes) and maintain a safe distance of 6 feet from others.  If you become ill with symptoms of COVID-19 up to three days after your visit, please contact the home’s manager or administrator.

For visitors that are not fully vaccinated, we will make arrangements for your visit to occur outdoors.  You will be screened upon arrival and asked to wear a mask, maintain social distance of 6 feet from others, and clean your hands before and after the visit.

Lastly, any individuals out of our building longer than 24 hours will need to do in-room care for 14 days upon return.  This additional safety measure is required by the IL Department of Public Health to protect the individuals, their roommates, and staff.  Please contact the home’s manager or administrator if you have any questions.

Once again, we are very grateful for your understanding during this extremely stressful and difficult time.  If we all work together, we know everything possible is being done.  Thank You!

Stay Well!