“We are lucky to have these homes right in our area. The staff is so good at understanding Michael, his needs and desires. Michael takes about 20 pills a day and some of them are more critical than others. We feel confident with the staff and nurses that they are dealing with that and his medications are being given correctly. They are on top of it. So that’s huge!”
Ruthann – Michael’s mom

“It’s a beautiful place. They do so many things. It’s been wonderful for both her and us. She is in a perfect place.”
Kathleen – Katie’s mom

“She is very happy and secure. Mandy loves it. It is perfect!”
Yolanda – Mandy’s mom

“We can’t say enough about the staff.”
Larry – Mandy’s dad

“They really take care of you here. We’re a big family here, that’s why I love it so much.”

“This home has improved his life a great deal. The staff is wonderful. They all take care of them. He’s a different person all together; it’s a great place for him.”
Bob – Tom’s brother

“I like helping set the table!”

“It’s really her home. We felt like it was right for her. The nurses here watch her medication list to make sure everything is done appropriately; that she is on the appropriate meds.”
Ann – Jessica’s mom

“His quality of life is so good!”
Sandy – Patrick’s mom

“We have a lot of fun going on vacations. I think you’ll love living here, I know I do.”

“It is home. I am very grateful for the staff.”
Kathleen – Katie’s mom

“I like it when we went to the Wild Horse Saloon, because I two stepped.”

“Two weeks after she was there she was calling it home.”
Juanita – Donna’s mom

“They have taken vacations here, and I know one vacation she really liked was Kentucky Lake. I was amazed when they got back and looked at pictures because she was actually on a jet ski. And I don’t think I would ever have imagined her being on a jet ski.

I’m very grateful to the staff, and like I said, they couldn’t be more pleasant. Any time I call – and I’m one that calls all the time – and when I call I expect information immediately, no run-around. I’ve called quite often on her condition and I’ve always gotten the answers right there. So I’m very comfortable.”
Sharon – Mary’s sister

3rd Party Providers Testimonials

“It’s fun to share my love of theater with them and see them grow and just have fun!”
Lily Blouin – Co-Director, Community Play Project

“Working with DD Homes was key. I see college students forming very genuine friendships with their best buddies from DD Homes.”
Kathleen Ridion – Director, Client Center for Community Service, Knox College

Employee Testimonials

“It’s just been the greatest job!  I love everything about it!”
Tammy Gregory

“It’ll change your life.  I don’t know it will change your life, but it will change your life.”
Rebecca Knaack