DD Homes offers many opportunities for supportive employment and participation in day programs. We give individuals the opportunity to be an integral part of the community. Transportation is readily available, along with activities, evening and weekend outings, and vacations.

  • Individuals have the opportunity to choose from a variety of recreational activities that range from restaurant dining, park adventures, bowling, going to the movies, and anything else they may desire. We are always ready to go shopping and take walks!
  • Every month each home has a round table where they decide what fun things they would like to plan. Our staff takes great pride in ensuring each person is satisfied with their community opportunities.
  • Also enjoyed by the individuals we support, are larger activities sponsored by DD Homes such as trips to theme parks, theater performances, professional sporting events, and concerts, just to name a few!
  • And, surprisingly to many, there are also vacations to enjoy!  In the past, we have gone to places such as Kentucky Lake, Wisconsin Dells, Nashville, Branson, Chicago, and St. Louis.

“It’s a beautiful place. They do so many things. It’s been wonderful for both her and us. She is in a perfect place.”
Kathleen (Katie’s mom)

“We have a lot of fun going on vacations.”

“I liked it when we went to the Wild Horse Saloon, because I two-stepped.”